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Emergency Tree Service Bentonville ARThe price in which a tree service is going to charge is always one of the most important factors to take into consideration. No one wants to pay more than they have to for services. However, the old adage “you pay for what you get” is certainly true in the tree service industry. That’s not to say you can’t find great prices on tree trimming and tree removal services. But, if a company quotes substantially lower prices than the other tree services you received quotes from, you might want to remain cautious.

Be particularly skeptical of “too good to be true pricing” if a big storm has passed through Springdale. There are teams of people referred to as storm chasers who go to areas after a storm to offer their services. (Not the type of storm chasers who actually chase storms for scientific or media related purposes) The type of storm chasers we are referring to, look for areas affected by large storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. They will then drive around neighborhoods looking for damaged property or fallen trees. Once they spot a property with storm damage they will offer their services. Many times the storm chaser will request a deposit up front to get started. Needless to say those individuals will not show back up later to perform the work. Their only goal is take the money and run. They will even go as far as to print out business cards or impersonate other local & reputable tree services. Check the company’s website to see if the information the company is providing you in person matches what is on their website. Check their license with the state as well.

The biggest for a tree service is their labor. That is why your odds are better with a non-franchise, owner operated tree service. An owner operated company means the owner will actually be one of the individuals performing the work which allows them to lower their labor costs. A portion of a franchisee’s revenue has to be sent to the franchise. Therefore, a tree service that is a franchise has to inflate the rate they charge customers to cover that cost.

Use a tree service that you feel is giving you a fair price, but also one you feel you can trust. It is important to trust your instincts. If you don’t feel comfortable with a particular tree service, there are plenty of others to work with.

Quality of Service

Tree Service Bentonville ARThe quality of service a tree removal company can provide is of the utmost importance. Some of you may think that tree removal and tree trimming is such a straight forward task that the quality of service does not need to be a top priority. However, anyone who has seen a tree trimming or worse yet a tree removal job go horribly wrong knows why the quality of service is so important. Part of providing quality services involves being safety conscious. When a tree service cuts corners in order to finish a job faster that is when things go wrong. Achieving quality and maintaining safety takes extra time.

The quality of service is something that can start being quantified from the time you make your first call to a company. Great companies naturally create a high quality of service without thinking too much about it. That is because they can relate and empathize with their customers. Therefore, they create policies and practices which will keep their customers satisfied. Additionally, they will have a positive attitude and enjoy doing the work they do. Superior Tree Service of NW Arkansas follows up with each customer in Bentonville to make sure they have had an outstanding experience.


We firmly believe if a business takes care of the customers, the customers will take care of the business. We have all heard people say “you can’t please everybody.” While that may be true, we feel that shouldn’t stop us from trying. Not all tree services are as dedicated to their customers as we are. That is why it is important to read reviews of every tree service you are considering hiring. Spending time reading reviews will allow you to get a better understanding of who the company really is. You should at the very least read a company’s Google reviews. If someone has left the company a bad review, read it carefully to determine whether or not you feel there was reason for a complaint. Spend some time looking at the reviewers other reviews too. That’s just to make sure nothing with their review history throws up a red flag. Unfortunately, fake negative reviews and fake positive reviews are equally common. When you choose to do business with Superior Tree Service of Northwest Arkansas, you’ll be working with a company that works hard to ensure we maintain a positive reputation.


The equipment that a tree service owns plays a critical role in the company’s ability to provide you with the best outcome possible. The proper equipment allows a tree service to work quickly and most importantly, safely. Having the right equipment can cut the amount of time each job takes in half. When a tree service saves time on each job they perform, they are able to charge lower rates. Equipment such as a bucket lifts keep people safe and from the riskier practice of climbing. Tree services who invest in their company by buying quality equipment take great pride in their investments. When asked they will gladly discuss the equipment they have and why it is important.


The most valuable quality tree service employees and owners can have is experience. People that have been in the tree service industry for an extended period of time have been able to make a few mistakes along the way and learn from them. The knowledge necessary to achieve true excellence can only be attained by performing the work. While reading about tree removal and the characteristics of trees is important, being able to apply that knowledge in the field is the best way to learn. Superior Tree Service of Northwest Arkansas is an owner operated company. The owner of the company has over 30 years of experience in the tree removal and tree trimming industry. Most of which was spent in the densely populated area of southern California working on high risk tree removal projects. Looking for a change of pace and scenery, he relocated to Arkansas where he feels he can enjoy work and leisure equally.

Tree Removal Bentonville ARTree Removal

Most of the calls we receive are for our tree removal services. That is because we are one of the most affordably priced tree removal companies in the greater Bentonville area. Our focus is to provide the best quality of tree removal services at a price that is lower than other reputable local tree removal services. If you would like to receive a quote on tree removal services, do not hesitate to call us. We look forward to hearing from you. Our company has taken some time to outline some of the factors we take into consideration when providing a tree removal quote.

Each tree, tree species, and its surroundings are different. Each one has its own characteristics and risks. When we are providing a homeowner with a quote, we evaluate a large number of factors before we determine the best way to remove a particular tree.

Some of the factors we need to consider are:

  • How Large Is the Tree? The size of the tree will obviously impact the amount of time it takes for us to remove a tree. The size of a tree also has a role in how much of a risk the tree poses during a removal. The larger the tree, the higher potential for risk.
  • Where Should We Fell the Tree? Felling a tree refers to the process of cutting down a tree. When the branches are removed from the top of a tree, all that is left is the trunk. We have to carefully survey the area surrounding the tree and the natural lean of the tree to determine the best location for the tree to land. The reason we have to consider the fell area is so we can factor the overall risk into our quote. If the tree is close to homes, buildings, fences, or neighboring properties, there is obviously a higher monetary risk for our company. We are an expert tree service that has an impeccable safety record. However, we still must identify potential risks from worst case scenarios.
  • What Are the Disposal Costs? The cost to dispose of a tree is dependent upon its size and the total weight. Smaller pieces of a tree are put through a chipper. Those chips are disposed of along with the other parts of the tree. We have to factor in cost to dispose of the tree when we are proving a tree removal estimate.
  • How Many Hours Will It Take for Us to Complete the Project? The hours it takes to complete a job is dependent upon the size of the tree, its surroundings, the equipment that is able to be used, and number of employees required to complete the project.

Tree Removal BentonvilleThere are several other factors we will take into consideration when we are creating a quote. However, the factors listed above are some of the most important factors we consider. If you’re looking for a tree removal company in the Bentonville area, we are honestly a great company to hire.

Tree Trimming Bentonville ARTree Trimming

While tree trimming may not carry the same amount of risk as a tree removal project, it requires more knowledge. That is because when a tree is being removed, the tree’s health does not need to be taken into consideration. No two trees are the same. Each tree needs trimmed in a manner that will allow it to grow for years to come. The best tree trimming companies have a vast knowledge of tree characteristics and tree health.

When done properly, trimming a tree is actually good for a trees overall health. All trees have a nutrient threshold they are able to reach. Most trees native to San Diego cannot supply nutrients to the entire tree while maintaining proper health. Trimming the branches of a tree eliminates the parts of the tree that are stealing nutrients away from the areas of the tree that have the capacity to thrive. However, trimming too many live branches of a tree can cause a tree to go into shock and even cause it to die. Inexperienced tree trimming companies are notorious for over-trimming trees. Most of the “cheap tree trimmers” will over-trim because they do not have a good working knowledge of trees. When the tree dies due to over-trimming, the property owner is forced to hire someone to remove the tree completely. Hiring a knowledgeable & experienced tree trimming company is crucial.

Why We Like Working in Bentonville

Bentonville is our favorite city in Northwest Arkansas to service. We hate to play favorites when it comes to our service areas, but Bentonville is just a great place to be. We all know that Bentonville is home to the largest employer in the United States and has a large number of corporate businesses. Our company is used to working in areas with a large population density. We like working in places with great restaurants and things to do after the work day is completed. However, the best thing about Bentonville is the people that live in it. Bentonville residents have always been some of the most welcoming and friendly clients we have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. We look forward to working for Bentonville residents for many years to come.

Call Superior Tree Service of NW Arkansas for all of your tree removal and tree trimming needs. We will provide you with a quote that is fair, honest, and competitive. Additionally, our level of service we are able to provide will surpass all the other local companies. We look forward to working with you. Thank you for considering Superior Tree Service of NW Arkansas for all of your tree trimming and tree removal needs.

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