Root pruning, especially on trees, is a landscaping task that does not get done very often. You may require these services if the root system of a tree on your property seems to be threatening the foundation of your home, causing issues under walkways and driveways or getting in the way of other landscaping. We can provide a quick and easy free consultation to see if this type of service is necessary and advisable in your current situation.

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Our company prides itself on providing excellent service and we perform all jobs with the utmost integrity. We can handle the root pruning needs you may require:

Sometimes root pruning is used for commercial purposes such as allowing for new utilities to be installed on a building site. Our company will assess these types of situations on a case by case basis to determine if and how much pruning is necessary.

There is a common misconception that when a root is trimmed from a plant or tree, it will not grow back. This is the opposite of the truth. However, we must take care to prune in such a way that will cause roots to grow back in a certain way, so as to avoid future issues.

At other times, root pruning is employed because a plant’s root system has infiltrated city roads and causing damage, cracks and safety hazards.

In short, our crew members know what they are doing. Each and every employee that you may deal with will be knowledgeable enough to answer your questions, and if they don’t know the answer they will find it. Our company is locally-owned and operated so you can always get a hold of a staff member. You do not have to worry about a middleman or talking to someone in another area for service concerns. We also provide tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding and a plethora of other services. We will provide a no obligation free estimate on any services you may be considering.

In addition to root pruning, our company can help you with a vast selection of other services. If you have a tree that has some dead growth or has grown to a point where it is interfering with structures, then you can have us do some tree trimming for you. The same applies to a tree that is now encroaching on your home or has outgrown where it is situated. In this instance, we can be employed to remove the tree in a safe and controlled manner. We can also help you avoid safety hazards or pest infestation that may accompany a dead tree stump in your yard. We can safely and effectively remove the stump so that your yard is left looking attractive and you won’t fear for your family’s safety and well being.

Root pruning is a task that needs to be performed by a professional so that the tree is not harmed in any way. We also can perform these services with the least disturbance to your property as is necessary. We will clean up after ourselves and ensure that your trees will stay healthy and groomed, while at the same time making sure their roots are not growing in a destructive manner.

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