A certified arborist is someone who has studied all aspects of individual bushes, trees and other plants that are woody. There is a focus on the overall health of plants individually (for homeowners and business owners) as opposed to dealing with whole areas of trees such as forests. An arborist is also well versed in how to monitor safety conditions regarding these types of plants as well.

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By hiring us as your certified arborist, you can expect stellar service and extensive knowledge in almost all aspects of the industry:

We offer tree trimming, tree pruning, tree and stump removal, lacing and a myriad of other services. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have with regard to these types of tasks.

Due to the fact that we are certified, we have the qualifications needed to diagnose and treat your trees as well as the knowledge of how to correctly trim and prune them to keep them healthy.

All of our staff members are courteous and friendly and would love the opportunity to gain your business. We offer free consultations for any job that you need and we make every effort to be very competitive with our pricing.

So, what does an arborist do? Here are some examples:

  1. Diagnosis of Health Concerns
  2. Transplanting
  3. Structural Support
  4. Consultations and Written Reports

Diagnosis of health concerns

Certified Arborist Springdale AR

A certified arborist is responsible for maintaining the safety of your trees and shrubs. This would include inspecting your plants for signs of disease, insects or pests. We will come out and look at any trees that may have fallen victim to types of decay, rot or infestation by bugs. Then we will assess the damage and decide the best way to go about fixing the problems. This could include applying certain hilling agents to get rid of the issues.


Certified arborists are also trained in the proper way to move a tree or bush from one place to another. Perhaps the plant is not thriving where it is located currently and needs to be transplanted to another area of your yard for better light and watering capabilities. There may also be times when you want to move a tree for aesthetic reasons or you may need to remove a tree completely due to disease or irreparable damages.

Structural Support

Sometimes a young tree needs to be supported in a way that helps it grow correctly. A certified arborist has the knowledge to deal with these types of issues. There are other reasons a plant or shrub would need structural support such as it having been damaged by bad weather conditions, lightning, disease, etc. These types of situations take extreme care and expertise to be handled correctly. When you hire us for your needs, you are assured an exemplary level of understanding and service.

Consultations and written reports

While written reports may not sound like a duty that a certified arborist should be responsible for, it is actually the opposite. These reports are needed sometimes for legal testimonies and for building officials. Our company has the understanding of all of these facets of tree service and we can also provide comprehensive consultations about these needs as well.

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